09 Jun

Buy Tickets Here! Americana Picnic: A Fundraiser for Arapahoe County Democrats

Tickets are now on sale!!! Please see the link below to purchase. A receipt will be emailed to you after purchase. Please bring the receipt as admission to the event on August 13th.

-$10.00 for Individual Tickets
-$25.00 for Families.
(Families are 3 or more people).

Link for Tickets:

– Utah Park’s indoor pool is a great way to cool off if you’d like to take a swim at the Picnic. Admission to the pool is $3.00 for adults and children over 12. Children under 12 are $2.60.

-If interested in playing in the softball game, or forming a team for the event, please contact David Lightowler by email or through the HD41 Facebook Page: Hd41 Democrats for D.E.M.S.

-We are in need of a generator to help power electrical equipment we will be using at the site. If anyone is able provide this item, please contact Martha Kern or Sandra Reavey.

-If you are interested in helping on the committee that will be planning the event, please contact our Chair Jeff Moser, or Treasurer, Martha Kern








28 May

The Importance of Local Government and Elections by Sandra Reavey

 HD41 Democrat Sandra Reavey writes on the importance of Local Government and encouraging our fellow voters to be active and involved…. 


By Sandy Reavey

Local governments, aka cities and counties, provide many basic and important services to our homes and businesses. Many of the more important officials within local governments are elected by us, yet many voters skip voting in mid-term elections and/or don’t vote their entire ballots in Presidential election years.  Most local elections are non-partisan which means the candidate’s party affiliation is not publicized.  Therefore, voters need to critically examine candidate’s positions or past voting records to determine the best qualified person for whom to vote.  Let’s examine the importance of our local government and why it is so important to vote for more than just the President and elect good people to important governing positions.

For the purposes of this article, local government will refer only to counties and cities in Colorado, mostly Arapahoe County.  In some states, counties are referred to as parishes or boroughs. In Colorado, we have numerous cities and 64 counties. In Denver and Broomfield, the city and counties are combined. Many times, counties overlap covering more than one city.  Arapahoe County is Colorado’s third largest county and includes 13 incorporated cities and towns including the City of Aurora and the Town of Bennett.

The functions of local governments are plentiful. Their duties and services have grown substantially since the 1950’s with the rise in population and mass migration to the suburbs. Some of the most common services that cities and counties provide: removal and recycling of garbage, licensing of cars and marriages, recreational services and programs, local transportation, educating children, police and fire protection, prosecution of crimes, assessing property values and taxes, providing human services like welfare and job search assistance, maintaining county buildings, prisons and homeland security emergency/disaster coordination.

County governments are managed by elected Commissioners in Colorado.  Arapahoe County has a Commissioner for each of its five districts who may be elected up to three 4-year terms.  These Commissioners administer and make policies, oversee the budget and many departments and fulfill many other important duties.

Arapahoe-elected county positions include the County Clerk & Recorder who maintains official records and oversees elections.  The County Assessor determines property values and taxation.   The County Sheriff oversees prisons and law enforcement; and the County Treasurer collects and disburses taxes. Those elected to the above positions may serve up to three 4-year terms.  The County Attorney, or District Attorney, serves as the legal counsel for civil suits and conducts criminal investigations. He/she may serve two 4-year terms.  The County Coroner may serve unlimited 4-year terms.  For more  Arapahoe County information, visit

Cities in Colorado are formed under either statutory law (incorporated) or home rule municipalities ( self-governing but abide by State rules.)  Both the City of Aurora and Bennet are governed under statutory law which is managed by an elected Mayor and City Council. They each may serve two-year terms with term limits as noted on the Colorado State Government website. City Councils are elected by district or at large.  Mayors may veto items the council passes, hire city administration and department heads and draft budgets. Unfortunately, those who live in unincorporated parts of cities may not vote for either Mayor or City Council.

Education has only been mandatory since the end of the nineteenth century.  School Districts were first formed in 1812 in NYC to determine where students would go to school.  Currently there are about 15,000 school districts in the U.S.  About half of the states are run by elected school boards including Colorado. School Boards appoint the Superintendent of their district and are responsible for creating school boundaries, establishing new schools and the funding for them, as well as determining curriculum.  Much of what they do is public and often can be contentious like the issue of school vouchers. The two main school districts in Arapahoe County are the Aurora School District, with seven Board members and the Cherry Creek Schools, which has five Board members. These are elected, unpaid positions.

Mid-term or local elections roll around every two years yet draw much less voter participation than in the Presidential voting year.  Do you realize that when you only vote for the President, you are allowing others to determine the important decision-makers who affect your life?! Here are some possible reasons why voters skip these important votes:

  1. Many don’t recognize the importance of these elections.
  2. Less media coverage is given in local elections than Presidential ones so the voter may not have the knowledge necessary for an informed vote.
  3. Many skip the elections entirely and only vote in Presidential years and just for the President.
  4. Voter suppression/id problems keep many from voting.

Why are the mid-term elections so important?  Local and state elections touch the electorate more directly.  Elected officials make decisions that impact your daily lives yet the media gives them less attention. Therefore, many are ill -informed about who is running and why it matters.  Local elections are not so glamorous and don’t get the ratings for viewing.  Many of these elections are partisan so you may not know which party the candidate affiliates with.  It behooves you to do your homework, attend meet-and-greets, and ask informed people you know and respect about the choices.  Also, local elections may include voting for school bonds, ballot issues and RTD Board members that could affect your taxes, transportation and other areas of your life.

As you read about the duties of our city and county officials, you can see how these elected positions greatly influence your daily life.  Colorado makes it easier to vote than many states by mailing paper ballots. Elections should be taken seriously! Everyone needs to vote the entire ballot with informed choices. There are many opportunities for you to gather the information needed to vote intelligently and even meet the candidates by checking social media, special television programs, and attending local meetings.  Please take advantage of these activities because those who are elected locally WILL and DO have an impact on your life and that of your family even more directly than the Federal elections do!


06 May

Colorado Democratic Party 2nd Vice Chair Results

Morgan Carroll, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party, noted the following 2nd Vice Chair results today to members of the State Central Committee.

A second vote was held after the March 11th State ReOrg, as total votes for 2nd Vice Chair did not meet a threshold to determine one winner. It was decided among the three candidates that a second vote would be held for electing Pat Shaver as the 2nd Vice Chair, with Miguel Ceballos and Mannie Rodriguez as Deputy 2nd Vice Chairs.   The vote was by mailed ballot, which was to be returned to Colorado Democratic Party Headquarters in Denver by mail.

Dear State Central Committee Member,

Thank you to everyone who submitted their ballots by today’s deadline.

The votes have been counted, and I am pleased to announce that Patricia Shaver will serve as 2nd Vice Chair with Miguel Ceballos and Mannie Rodriguez serving as Deputy 2nd Vice Chairs.

The final vote was 219 yes votes, 30 no votes and 2 spoiled ballots.

We are thrilled to have a robust team of officers who are ready to help outreach efforts in all 64 of our counties. Thank you to Patricia, Miguel and Mannie for stepping up and working out a solution of service that will serve Colorado Democrats well for the next two years.

In Solidarity,
Morgan Carroll
Colorado Democrats



15 Apr

Sign Up for House District 41 Work Day on April 23rd

Please remember to sign up for the HD41 Work Day on April 23rd. From our website,,  click on the Work Day Tab at the top of the screen to complete a Google doc. to participate. Or, please contact Kristin Mallory. You can reach her by phone or email at the following:

Phone: 720-383-0874


Our Second HD41 Work Day will focus on implementing a plan of action for our 4 Committees, as well as PCP and neighborhood leader training.

4 Committees:
Communications and Media
Events and Fundraising
HD 41 Work Day is April 23, 2017 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM.

1:00 – 1:30 PM – Mix & Mingle
1:30- 2:30- PCP VAN Training (for PCP’s)
1:30–2:30 PM – Break into Committee
3:00 – 3:30 PM – Share Goals / Progress / Vision with entire group
3:30 – 4:00 PM – Address any outstanding business

13 Apr

A View on Colorado Criminal Justice Reform – Curtis O’Neal

HD41 Democrat Curtis O’Neal shares this view on criminal justice reform in Colorado. Curtis is currently a member of the HD41 Outreach Committee, and is actively involved with the Arapahoe Democrats.  

2018 will be a critical election year for major issues which include criminal justice reform. Currently, the United States has a staggering prison population of 2.5 million American citizens.  The state of Colorado makes up for 21,354 state citizens in the U.S. Prison population.  Of this population 95% will be returning to their previous communities.  For many the ability to move ahead and out of the stigma of incarceration will be tremendous.  Barriers to employment, housing, medical and mental health treatment prevent the formerly incarcerated from achieving successful reentry. Moreover, is the crippling effect on state budgets as many Department of Corrections resources make up a substantial part of state finances.  To combat the obstacles to successful reentry Colorado, law makers passed HB 14-1355 providing additional resources to address education, housing medical and mental health treatment for ex- offenders.  The bill is now part of Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) Reentry Initiatives which has created several needed reentry programs and is addressing barriers to successful reentry.

However, funding to support these initiatives will be an issue due to Colorado’s TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) model which prevents local and state governments from raising taxes without voter approval.  Furthermore, governments cannot spend revenue collected under existing tax rates without voter approval.  On a national level majority of the voting public’s opinion of public safety is to build more prisons and employ more police officers.   Majority of Coloradoans are concerned about public safety and realize Colorado cannot continue with “Tough on Crime” approaches- there just too costly.  Colorado must explore “Smart on Crime” agendas.  That creates inclusive approaches w/ key stakeholders (Non-Government Organizations and Community based organizations). State agencies, NGOs, and CBOs work together to identify barriers, gaps, and obstacles then work together to find solutions to such barriers, gaps, and obstacles using Six Sigma processes to eliminate such barriers, gaps, and obstacles in addition to eliminating unnecessary waste.  This approach creates a centralized method to offender reentry and creates cost saving solutions while increasing greater returns on investments (ROI).  In addition, this method creates collaboration between institutional case managers and NGO/ CBOs case managers which provide for a warm handoff for greater reentry success.

Because correctional systems do not have any policy control over community based agencies it is imperative that CBOs and NGOs assist in addressing the barriers and obstacles that prevent successful reentry.  Tax models such as TABOR need to rethought because they do not allow for “Smart on Crime” agendas.   Lastly, the practice of providing offenders with ten dollars; a bus ticket; and wish of good luck has proven to be quite egregious.  This practice has demonstrated a lack of common sense.  The reentry process must begin at the start of incarceration and ends when the offender is no longer under correctional supervision (off paper).

The issues of recidivism affect us all and its problems can be solved through collaborative efforts of the community.  States such as Michigan and Arizona have used similar models to augment its reentry efforts and have seen a dramatic reduction in its prison populations thus saving the states millions of dollars.

10 Apr

Linda Newell’s Documentary: The Last Bill- Encore Screening

Former Senate District 26 Representative Linda Newell will present an encore screening of her documentary, The Last Bill: A Senator’s Story. Please RSVP or buy tickets at the links mentioned below, or visit her website for more information.


Former Constituents and Friends, 

Thank you to all of you who were able to make it to our premiere in March!  It was wonderful to see so many people come in from a beautiful Colorado day to see a civic education film.  We had two screenings of large audiences, lots of VIPs and press, and a great time on the red carpet!
If you took a photo with us, the pictures are now available on our website:

Due to so many requests, we are now having another screening at Regis University, hosted by the Institute on the Common Good. This is our second mini-documentary event to help inform people about government, from an insider’s perspective. Here, you’ll see how your government really works, from the inside.

The Last Bill, A Senator’s Story
April 20th
Regis University, Peter Claver Hall
6:30pm Doors Open
7:00pm Film Screening
7:30pm Q&A Discussion

Q&A discussion is with producer Senator Newell
and production team about the film and future plans
for citizen engagement.

Tickets are not on sale for this event,
but donations are welcome.

For details, go to:

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are currently looking for sponsorships and donations to reformat the documentary into a school-age version with a companion curriculum guide; promote the film in schools, colleges and communities; and create additional mini-docs on more topics of interest.  If you are interested in helping us out or know a person or organization that might want to sponsor our efforts, please email me at

Watch the Trailer Here

On YouTube:

On Facebook:

Recent Press on the Film

Check out the wonderful press we’ve gotten about the documentary so far!

Channel 7 Interview with Anne Trujillo

The Colorado Statesman

The Villager

Colorado Community Media,244483?

Background of Film
In my last session, through a collaboration with the Colorado Film School and Indie Denver Media Productions, we filmed this short behind-the-scenes documentary of a senator’s real-life story carrying a bill through the legislature.

Here, you’ll see from an inside view how difficult it can be to turn a bill into law.  As you follow Senator Newell (joined by Senator Kevin Lundberg) through the process, she works her bills of suicide prevention and intentional misrepresentation of service animals, being challenged from across the aisle, attempting bipartisanship, all with a bit of humor and fortitude.

If you’ve never, or often, visited your state Capitol, you’re sure to be intrigued by this human story under the dome.

Citizen Advocacy Training Coming Soon

I’ve been getting lots of questions from people over the last few weeks, things like —

  • How does an executive order work? Aren’t there checks and balances?
  • What’s the best way to engage with elected officials?
  • Which is the best community for me in order to persist, resist, or be active politically?
So collaborating with some local experts, I’m going to host citizen advocacy training in the future and offer some factual resources for you that might help sift through all the activity out there right now.

Until then…My Monthly Column in the Press,244407?,243050

Stay informed, stay engaged, take action!


10 Apr

HD41 Monthly Meeting April 24th Agenda

Chair Jeff Moser recently released the agenda for the upcoming HD41 Monthly Meeting. Please plan to attend on April 24th – 6:45 pm at the Arapahoe Democrats Office.

House District 41 Democrats, Monday, April 24, 2017

6:45 to 7:00 Meet n’ Greet – Refreshments

7:00 to 8:15/8:30 p.m. Meeting and Program

Arapahoe County Democratic Party Headquarters

Arapahoe Co. Democratic Party Headquarters, 10730 E. Bethany Drive, Ste. 240, Aurora, CO 80014


7:00 p.m. Opening: Welcome & Call to Order – Flag Salute

Introduce Party Leaders and Elected Officials

Call for General Orders – Adopt Agenda — Adopt Minutes from March 27, 2017


7:05 Officer Reports & Committee Reports

  • Communications / Media & Technology : Newsletter – Maureen
  • Finance & Events/Fundraising – Martha
  • Outreach/ Organizing : Work Day(s) – Kristin
  • Platform/Resolutions – David


7:15 p.m. Legislative Report/Session update – HD 41 Rep. Jovan Melton plus reports by any other lawmakers present


7:25 – 7:55 p.m. Guest speaker Debi Hunter Holen, former At-Large Member of the Aurora City Council, holding Place 3 from 2011 to 2015.

Ms. Hunter Holen will be speaking about the City of Aurora and her lifelong advocacy for institutions like public libraries, community recreation centers, Sister Cities International, and local arts programs. She maintains her vision that Aurora should continue to invest in cultural programs to encourage visitors and residents alike to partake in our community of talent. She believes that, as Aurora continues to grow and develop, we need leadership that will take the long view. “The most important thing that your city council representative can do is to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. Without public input, city government has no purpose.” Q&A.


7:55 – 8:15/8:30 (More or less time, as needed)

Unfinished Business

New Business – Discussion/Action Items

  • PCP Update/ Training 2) County Fundraiser to be hosted by HD 41: Ideas

Final Announcements & Adjourn – Next Meeting, Monday, May 22, 2017





10 Apr

HD41 Day at the Capitol Join Us on April 12th!

Chair Jeff Moser recently posted the agenda for our day at the Capitol on April 12th. Please RSVP with Jeff or Sandy Reavey before April 12 to attend.


HD 41 Day at the Capitol
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Jeff Moser at 720-354-6605 /
Sandy Reavey at 303-995-8199 /

8:00-8:15 a.m. Arrive at Capitol: Either enter security clearance on the North side of Capitol (Colfax & Sherman entrance), through middle door at the top of the steps. This is the preferred entrance for the public and is 1st floor North wing and where people can sign the Capitol guest book, OR enter on South side of Capitol (14th & Sherman), through SE door (ADA accessible), which is Ground floor/Basement level – There is construction going on yet people can still enter here; then come to 2nd floor. There are two elevators on the right after security at this location.

8:30 a.m. Meet Sargent of Arms outside of House chamber on 2nd floor to join Rep. Jovan Melton. There are 20 seats reserved for HD 41. We can remain on the floor until the House adjourns (usually around 10:00 a.m.). Exit the floor at 9:50 to join the tour for HD 41.

10:00 Capitol Historical Tour for HD 41 – Meet at Visitors Services Desk, which is located on the 1st floor North wing – 10 people may join this private tour. This tour will last 45 minutes.

10:30-11:00 — Break. After the house adjourns, congregate in Cafeteria, which is located in the Basement/Ground level – There are vending machines, booths, benches, and rest rooms.

***Legislator Meet N’ Greet – This is our chance to meet one-on-one with Rep. Melton, Sen. Nancy Todd, Sen. Daniel Kagan and other lawmakers from Arapahoe Co. and their staff who are able to come to the Cafeteria and greet and speak with us or join us on 1st Floor at 11:30.***

11:30 — HD 41 Group Photo, on steps outside the North Door, 1st Floor, if good weather OR we will take photo inside – Hopefully, the House and Senate will have adjourned for the morning so our legislators from Arapahoe County can join us in the photo. They have been adjourning around 10:00/10:30 but you never know; sometimes they go right up to noon or beyond.

12:00-1:00/1:15 — Lunch on own. Our group or sub-groups may wish to walk to any of the restaurants/cafés that are located close to the Capitol – Chinese, Pizza, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Cajun, Indian, Burger Joints, and other choices, or can eat right in the Capitol at the Cafeteria or some may just wish to go home/return to work at this time

Afternoon: Attend Committee Meetings – Observe testimony and how a bill becomes law
1:30 p.m. House State Affairs Committee Meeting — Rep. Jovan Melton is on this committee in Room LDB A, Meets in Legislative Services Building Hearing Room A – He will have a bill up!

1:30 Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting –– Sen. Daniel Kagan is on this committee, Meets in Senate Committee Room 352, which is on the 3rd floor

Other committees will be meeting as well. See complete committee list and schedules at Click on the three bars in upper right corner to locate tabs.

2:00 p.m. 2nd Public Tour (Optional) – This is the Dome Tour – Meet at Visitors Services Desk located on 1st floor North wing – Tour lasts 1 hour. 5-6 people can join this public tours – maximum 10 people each group. The Building portion lasts 45 minutes and the final 15 minutes goes up to the Observation Deck – There is a Virtual Tour on 3rd floor for those who are not able or who do not care to join the last 15 minutes to the Dome that involves 99 steps!


03 Apr

Morgan Carroll to Speak this Tuesday at First Tuesday Group Meeting

Morgan Carroll, Colorado Democratic Party Chair, will be speaking this Tuesday, April 4th at the upcoming First Tuesday Group meeting. The event will be held at the Bent Noodle Restaurant in Aurora, just off Dartmouth St and Parker. Please RSVP for the event below.

What is the First Tuesday Group?

The First Tuesday Group was formed from the volunteers of the Aurora efforts of the 2012 Barack Obama Campaign. The volunteers wanted to keep their activism alive post 2012, and hence the group was born. The group sought to remain active through a “First Tuesday” of the month meeting to talk about community and hear from community leaders. Over the years, the guest speakers have been from the Colorado legislature, activists, Aurora City Officials, and many others with a vested interest in civic life. Many of the original members of the group are strong volunteers for the Arapahoe Democrats, as well as House District leaders and organizers. The group is made up of members of several House Districts in the area.

Event Agenda

We are happy to announce that Arapahoe County’s own MORGAN CARROLL, the new Colorado Democratic Party Chair, will be our First Tuesday Group Speaker. Morgan was elected at the Colorado Democrats Central Committee meeting with 91%of the vote. Morgan will present her plans and objectives to lead the Colorado Democratic Party forward.



RSVP Here:






24 Mar

Agenda for HD41 Monthly Meeting- March 27th


House District 41 Democrats, Monday, March 27, 2017

6:45 to 7:00 Meet n’ Greet – Refreshments

7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Meeting and Program

Arapahoe County Democratic Party Headquarters

Arapahoe Co. Democratic Party Headquarters, 10730 E. Bethany Drive, Ste. 240, Aurora, CO 80014 (map)


DRAFT Agenda  

Opening: Welcome & Call to Order – Flag Salute

Call for General Orders – Adopt Agenda

Adopt Minutes from February 27, 2017

7:05 p.m. Officers’ Reports & Committee Reports

  • Communications / Media & Technology : Newsletter
  • Finance & Events/Fundraising
  • Outreach/ Organizing : Work Day(s)
  • Platform/Resolutions


Introduce Party Leaders and Elected Officials Present

7:15 p.m. Legislative Report/Session update – HD 41 Rep. Jovan Melton, plus reports by other lawmakers, if they are present


7:30 – 8:00 p.m.: 2017 Local Non-partisan Races

Guest speaker Arnie Schultz, former Chair of HD 41. Mr. Schultz will be speaking about the Aurora city council and his work on issues and projects vital to Aurora and getting input. Q&A.


Guest speaker Molly Markert, former member of the Aurora City Council in Colorado, representing Ward 4 from 2003 to 2015. Ms. Markert will be speaking about the Aurora City Council and about Aurora’s priorities and getting input. Q&A.


8:00 – 8:30 (less or more time if needed)

Unfinished Business –

  • HD 41 Day at the Capitol, Wed., April 12 – Current Plans and Sign-Up

New Business – Discussion/Action Items

  • PCP Training 2) Other?


Final Announcements & Adjourn – Next Meeting Monday, April 24, 2017